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About dashcom

dashcom is an innovative and lean company, handling data driven marketing opportunities.

Our hardware and software solutions are made possible thanks to our big data experts and highly skilled data scientists who provide complex predictive and deep learning algorithms. For this reason, dashcom works with system providers and closely with partners, such as Scigility Ltd, a leading big data solution player in Switzerland in the areas of large-scale information systems and real time streaming solutions.

Our solutions use various hardware technologies such as ibeacon or eddystone sensors as well as NFC readers and other geofencing marketing devices.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Business & Marketing
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Big Data
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Big Data
Professor at the University of Fribourg and MIT



Grand-Fontaine 13
1700 Fribourg


+41 26 525 85 25

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