Return Ready

Return Ready – 4 tips to secure your offices

1. Monitor occupancy and raise a green flag

Give an overview of facilities deemed safe for your employees, based on real time occupancy and the latest cleaning activities • Give route guidance to avoid the heavily trafficked areas • Give visualization of areas and a full outline of your office layout

2. Guide your employees straight to the available desks or meeting rooms

Tell your employees where to find an available desk or meeting room and avoid useless and risky moves • Authorize your employees to enter safe workspaces only, considering the latest cleaning activities and real time occupancy

3. Trace traffic and take actions  

Understand where an individual has been if they reported exposure or infection to the virus. You can trace where that person has gone, be it floor, zone, or building • Proximity report can be generated that includes information on recently visited buildings and floors, and amount of time spent at buildings and floors. We ensure complete control over the privacy.

4. Clean up accordingly

Manage and update your cleaning plan, in real time, as per past occupancies and short term needs • Make your cleaning efforts effective and agile.

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Philippe Jemelin
Philippe Jemelin

Hybrid Work Solutions Lead at dashcom