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Every day is a new story…

Monday  – Choose the place you are going to work from…


Work from home – Work in a coworking space – Work in the headquarter – Work in one of the company’s office sites.


Flexibility has been our main driver, nevertheless collaboration and presence management have been on top of our concerns to ensure that small talks and valuable exchanges onsite are not lost!

We have worked hard to develop tools * to allow the user to see all available workspaces * to allow the user to book a workspace in a coworking space * to allow the user to see who is working onsite and where * to allow the user to invite colleagues to work next to each other * to allow the user to see real time occupancy * Last, but not least, the analysis tool allows companies to better understand insights about the use of the workspace – Measure & Manage

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Philippe Jemelin
Philippe Jemelin

Hybrid Work Solutions Lead at dashcom