Success Story – Collaborative Work

With a wish to make better use of existing square feet, a large administration office in Switzerland decided to shift its office campus into a hybrid workspace. But with 1,500 employees spread across several multi-floor buildings, collaboration became at risk.

The solution? By integrating MapsIndoors into dashwork’s collaboration engine, they were able to take the experience in the office campus to the next level. 

More about the collaboration between MapsPeople and dashcom

Key Project Launch



First, we ran a pilot – then won the tender – Today, we go live!


🎉 Super proud to deliver our smart workspace solution to a Swiss public administration.


As of today, more than 1’300 employees can benefit from the dashwork features. Employees can find the right place to work, next to the right colleague. They can book a parking space, open a locker. They can locate a colleague on campus and much more with a single advanced App that leverages the shared resources of that public administration to the fullest.