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Tired of walking around aimlessly to find an available meeting room?

Looking for a spot to work for the next hour?

Want to share your new product launch with your employees / influencers ?

Be an appealing employer, prepared for the «war for talents»

...Get things done easily and save time!

The smart management tool for meeting rooms

Walked around minutes to find an available meeting room?

Time is money! dashwork tells you, where to find the nearest room available, in real time!

Straight to the goal, save time!

Wasted time seeking for “the” meeting room from a very large choice of rooms and criteria? Thanks to the use of the latest technology advances, dashwork suggests “the” room you are looking for.

Every square meter is important

How many times have colleagues booked a room … but never used it? Thanks to presence detection, you can use unoccupied rooms or work spaces and make every square meter more efficient.

Two modern businessmen discussing notes on notepapers

The search tool in real time, for intra-company working spaces and anywhere in Switzerland


Seeking a place to get some work done?

Based on your position, get informed where to find the nearest available working space right now, at your company location or anywhere else.

Employees are required to move frequently (meetings or absences), leaving work spaces unoccupied.

dashwork optimizes the use of spaces, reducing related costs and letting people work anywhere, anytime.

An innovation driver

Not in the mood for your home office and working out in a café isn’t your thing? You can take advantage of productive exchanges and ideas shared with innovative freelancers in co-working spaces, next to your home.

The shared and targeted communication platform – your mobile intranet


Keep in touch, anywhere, anytime!

Saturday afternoon, need to keep your employees informed? dashwork allows you to communicate to the right person, at the right time and the right place, using smart target audience system.

Target your communication

Would you like to inform your employees/influencers about your new product launch? Build an emotional link? Share market news or any corporate information?

The automated time monitoring system, everywhere, for everyone, at anytime

No more manual time clock

Without any action from users, you monitor time start and time end, in pre-defined areas

The indoor navigation system and company services facilitator

Make use of facilities easily

Employees and visitors are guided around your building’s facilities. They can easily find work spaces, contact persons and useful phone numbers for taxis, hotels, restaurants and any other services.


Your time is valuable, simplicity is key, your needs are unique!

dashwork has been built based on those three pillars. dashwork is the digital solution for companies at the leading edge. dashwork is the app for work, to save time and get more done!

dashwork leverages the latest technology advances and algorithms to benefit you. dashwork learns from your work habits, understands your preferences in order to meet your needs, … at the right place, at the right time!

More product details


  • Powered smart Lamps / neon lights or
  • Beacons: 15x55x56mm, 23g (Replaceable battery – up to 2 year lifespan) 
  • Lifetime guarantee under usual warranty

Software & Mobile Application

  • Mobile application (BLE capable devices)
  • Secure Internet communication (TLS)
  • Data hosted in Switzerland or on premise
  • Office Outlook and ERP interfacing integration possible, prices upon request