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Identify – Add – Activate – the modules you need. dashcom offers a wide range of features and technologies. Create ‘Your’ all-in-one solution – ‘Your’ hybrid working solution, according to your requirements. We will make sure you can upgrade whenever you want, just by activating new modules.

All-in-One – Flexible – Scalable

The expectations towards 'The' hybrid working solution are diversified. Requirements vary within the same organization. Your building A charges for the reservation of parking spaces. B requires the reservation of shared desks.  C notifies of real-time availabilities - sensors. D automatically releases ghost bookings - sensors. E provides access to shared lockers. F enables the parking to be opened by Smartphone. dashwork makes it.

Space Reservation

dashwork manages reservations, interfaces with your booking system, and grants access rights accordingly. Our smart engine recommends the best location, date/time for the convenience of the employees and for the best use of your resources.

Collaboration Engine

We analyse numerous data to connect the right people to the right place at the right time – A live interactions driver. Also employee can easily find his/her colleagues on-site with the “Find my colleague” feature.

Real time Occupancy

Indoor location data provides employees with real-time availability and information. We apply advanced algorithms to free up capacity and to bring the best user experience. The related analytics provides you with powerful usage insights.

Whether it is about opening a locker, the parking door, rooms or access to the building, access rights are controlled fully automatically. The management of groups enables you to grant specific rights.

You charge the user for the renting though the in-App payment service. No need to manage renting from your ERP anymore.

How to make hybrid work, work better

Our featured offerings leverage flexibility at work. Provide an appealing workplace experience to meet the needs of employees in their everyday work life. 

Meeting Rooms

The latest technologies make it possible to automate the management of meeting rooms. Ghost meetings are removed automatically to ensure optimal use of your resources.

Shared Desks

The latest technologies turn your offices into smart and optimised workspaces. This to the benefit of employees and collaboration.


In the new world of hybrid working, employees work from home or anywhere in your office building(s). Take the best out of technology to ensure fruitful small talks at the desk and around the same coffee machine.  

Parking Spaces

Optimise the use of each parking space. The random presence of employees on site makes it possible to make full use of your parking spaces nowadays.

Smart Lockers

The technology makes it possible for the employee to find the nearest locker at a glance. The locker is opened by a simple action on the smartphone or by Bluetooth. 

Vehicles Fleet & more

The management of fleet vehicles is getting more and more demanding. Whether it’s an e-bike , a car or any other shared resources, let your employees book on the go.


dashwork is a scalable and flexible solution. You create and combine the solution you need. Activate the modules of your choice and the user interface will automatically update accordingly. You make full use of all your shared resources and reduce your technology spending by eliminating the need for multiple siloed products.

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