Flexible and scalable

Our solutions have been developed to enable you to combine the solution you need. Activate the modules of your choice and the user interface will automatically update accordingly.

The free product for a quick start

The START solution is an advanced App – iOS, Android. It is a worry-free solution that allows you to benefit from the key features needed for a small hybrid working environment. It is free up to ten users and does not require any hardware installation. An upgrade to the CUSTOM solution is possible anytime. 


The freedom to make your own solution

The CUSTOM solution is the tailored solution that you compose yourself. A wide range of features are available, whether you want to include access control or even on-line payment. Embed any type of resources to make full use of all your shared resources and provide an awesome workspace experience.


Free Hoteling Solution



Hoteling & more

Desks booking

Collaborative attendance calendar

Meeting spaces management

Parking lots management

Vehicles & fleet management

Sync with your booking system

Smart scheduling engine

In-App check-in

Analytics - static

In-App payment

Sensors - Indoor location Services and maps

Indoor maps & wayfinding

Real-time availability

Automatic booking cancellation

Premium in-App experience

Find my colleague, in real-time

Analytics - advanced

IoT - Mobile Key

Smart lockers

In-App parking doors opening

Automatic parking doors opening

Building doors opening

Communication & Collaboration

Smart recommender engine

Active directory sync

Find my colleague

Targeted intern communication

No license

Free version, up to 10 users, no credit card requested

User experience is key

It’s not just about technology. dashwork has been developed to provide an exciting user experience, to meet the needs of employees in their everyday work life.

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