We deliver integrated solutions. Depending on the product and the needs, we provide the right technology, alone or together with partners.

Indoor Positioning Technology

Our product START does not require any hardware.

Depending on the modules you choose – CUSTOM product, the rollout of an indoor positioning technology may be required. The related modules are entitled “Indoor location services”. The technology needed depends on the features or modules you expect as well as your existing IT infrastructure. We advise you and deliver the appropriate technology.

Wi-Fi based

Our indoor positioning technology is based on your Wi-Fi infrastructure. Our unique algorithms ensure accurate occupancy monitoring without to outspread numerous sensors. Wi-Fi is the only technology that offers the “find my colleague” feature in real time. Network reinforcement (access points) may be necessary, depending on your existing infrastructure.

Sensors based

The sensor is a hybrid of an infrared camera and beacons They enable occupancy to be counted. They are wired or powered by battery (about 4 to 5 years lifespan). Sensors are placed according to our guidelines.

Light & Sound based

Lights & sounds based technology is in progress. Get in touch with us to get to know more about what is going on and what that technology enables.

Access Control Technology

We are interfaced with partner solutions. Depending on your existing or chosen solution, the door opening is operated by Bluetooth or by a single action in the dashwork application. 

If you do not have an existing solution in place, we will advise you on partners or market solutions.

Doors and Parking Gates

Our product automatically manage the access rights. You do not have to manually administer the rights for your employees, contractors or visitors.

For a premium parking experience, we recommend license plate reading cameras. 


We manage the availability of lockers in order to optimise the use of your assets. 


We partner with the world’s leading companies. Our list is not exhaustive and we will be pleased to expand our network of partners if, de facto, your current solution provider does not show up in our list.
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Partners Statement

Designed to be a safe and a trusted solution


Our solution operates without having to identify users. If they want to – and only after approval executed by a manual action – users can share their position with colleagues operates without having to identify the user.

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Data Protection Law

dashcom applies the most restrictive regulations in this matter. The identity of users will never be disclosed to the employer, unless the employer expressly requests it; in this case, the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the data protection law of the place of residence.
Our products are fully compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy data use and protection regulations. You may, at any time, request access to our online “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” documents. Each contract will be subject to a request for approval at the time of entering into a contractual relationship with dashcom.


The management of the data and the signup process follow the best-practices to ensure full transparency and control over the data, whether they are managed by us or by one of our partners.

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Data processing, transfer and storage are available in the documents mentioned above. Sensitive data is encrypted in transit and at rest, using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES). Aggregated data is stored on Exoscale servers, located in Switzerland. Data storage on premise is an option that must be discussed with dashcom beforehand.

User registration process and the internet communication is encrypted and secured by the next-generation solutions for data protection, such as TLS.

Easy scalability

Rollout to single or multiple properties

We partner with worldwide leading players to make our solution operate on a global scale. The project is managed remotely. 

Work agilely between locations

On a more local level, give your employees the flexibility to move from one site to another. So, offer attendees access to the most conveniently located meeting rooms. We will take care of recommending the right location, time and date – Save commuting time.

Microsoft built-in

...and the magic happens

We interface with the Microsoft services to benefit from the best of both worlds

A powerful central hub

Makes the user experience smooth and easy by using familiar MS-Office tools

dashwork integration allows employees to keep using the Office 365 tools, with the benefits of dashwork's advanced features.

Removes redundant operation tasks

Your resources such as rooms are managed in one single place. dashwork connects with your resources management system.

A powerful synchronisation in background

2-Sides bookings sync for the greatest freedom, whether booking on the go or from your workstation.

Azure Active Directory as parent

No need to worry about user management. dashwork relies on your directory to take all the hassle out of your operations.

dashwork API

For your digital signage, visitors system and more

We provide an API, whether you want to use data for your visitor system or display data on your digital signage, contact us to discuss further. You will then be able to interface with our backend.

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