Shared Desks Manager

Collaboration driven

The latest technologies turn your offices into optimised workspaces. This to the benefit of collaboration.

Available desks, at a glance

Occupancy ratio is displayed for each flex desks space, in real time. Fully automatic tool. A desk becomes busy just after the user enters the shared space – No action required!

Availabilities on all of your company's locations

Are you multi-sites? The available desks are listed, on any of your sites. Employees may use or book a desk on the premise of their preference. The list is smartly ranked, so that the best recommendation is at the user’s fingertips.

A collaboration driver

The home office and flex desk put collaboration at risk. Information sharing and our algorithms keep the danger at bay.

Tell your colleagues where you are/will be working

Who is going to be on site today, tomorrow? Our solution displays the attendance calendar of your colleagues as well as the real-time presence on-site to allow employees to find the best place to work.

Work at the right place, next to the right colleague

dashcom has been working on advanced algorithms to recommend the best room to work in, in order to make fruitful small talks possible again. Not Intrusive – It is purely a recommendation. 

A leverage of savings

Data-driven workspaces offer cost saving opportunities for employers.

Analytics - The key to valuable insights

Measure workspace utilisation – See what’s happening at your properties, unlock insights and trends on the behavior of visitors, employees, assets. Powered by Cisco, the captive portal reports provide insights on the traffic from the selected location during the specified period.

  • What are the most commonly used workspaces?
  • Does employee demand meet the supply of lounge spaces?
  • Do I need more community spaces?

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