Collaboration Engine

Smart and Connected

In the new world of agile work, employees work anywhere in your office building(s)

Work at the right place, next to the right colleague

Whether you are booking your desk or looking for a free one upon arrival on site, our smart recommender engine will connect the right people to the right place at the right time.

Find my colleague

Where does your colleague work? Our directory allows you to select your workmate. The user’s location is displayed on an indoor map, in any of your office buildings. 

Designed to be a safe and a trusted solution

Privacy preserving

Take the best of technology to make contacts easy and trigger collaboration, without sacrificing data protection.

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The user has full control​

By default, location sharing is disabled. Location sharing requires manual action by the user. Each user chooses whether or not to share his/her location. They can choose between location sharing, “always” or “never”

The location of the user is strictly and solely possible in the workspace areas of the company’s premises. There is no tracking in the restroom! 

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