Meeting Room Manager

Smart und Connected

Die neuesten Technologien ermöglichen es, die Verwaltung von Meetingräumen zu automatisieren.

Rooms booked but unoccupied are free

No action is required. Our technology monitors occupancy. Make the most of your workspaces and don’t leave rooms empty.

Where and when to meet?

Meeting scheduling becomes a major headache. Our algorithms analyse a large amount of data to recommend the best time and location for you and the attendees – A modern information platform for smart booking scheduling.

At the service of employees and visitors

Turn your information system into a complete service solution.

Free rooms at a glance

The status of the rooms is displayed in real time. Automatic Booking – Just enter a meeting room to book it – No action needed!

A centralized digital kiosk

Our digital signage displays the availability in real time. Employees and visitors can book a meeting room with a single click – No need to have a tablet in front of each meeting room.

Seamless integration

Mobile app for bookings on the go, with real time synchronisation with your booking system.

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