Parking Spaces

Optimising the use of each space

Home office workers release parking spaces empty. Our algorithm analyses numerous data to enable an efficient parking spaces management.

Available parking spaces, at a glance

Our modern information platform processes the data to display availability.┬áCombined with the access control system, we automatically manage door opening rights – Fully automatic tool.

No sensor required

Get the best out of your assets and don’t leave parking spaces empty. Our bundled solution delivers the availability in real time, without having to place sensors on each parking space.

Automatic door opening

Provide a first class user experience. Through partner technologies, dashcom automatically controls the opening of the door.


The most convenient solution. We manage the plate numbers and the type of vehicles in order to grant access.

Control unit

Depending on your existing solution, we can interface with your control unit and command the opening of your door through our application.

Online payment

You set the price for the renting. The user must enter his/her payment method in our application to enable a booking. You charge users, whether they are employees, contractors or visitors on a pay-per-use principle. 

We support the main payment service providers, among others

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